Do ‘Something Amazing’ this week

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This Thursday (1 September 2016) live and simultaneously in six locations across England and Scotland, limited edition works by artist Stuart Semple will be distributed free of charge. But there’s a twist. Participants are invited to do ‘something amazing’: to give the work away. The works in question are limited edition balloons, created by Semple in collaboration with The Fertility Partnership.

The public art project, entitled Something Amazing, aims to increase egg donations at the Partnership’s clinics,  and invites all women to consider how it might feel to be infertile, or unable to conceive, and the amazing gift they could potentially give.  Every year, around 2,000 children are born in the UK as a result of donated eggs, sperm or embryos. But in the UK there aren’t currently enough egg donors and a woman can wait up to two years for an egg.

The locations, revealed for the first time today, are as follows…

  • Chelmsford: High Street
  • Glasgow: Royal Exchange Square
  • London: Golden Square
  • Nottingham: Bridlesmith Gate
  • Oxford: Radcliffe Square
  • Southampton: West Quay

More on the project will be published at 

Read my catalogue essay for Semple’s recent show at Fabien Castanier in LA here and my review of his last London show at Delahunty here

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