Perch & Parrow


This week a new online design destination, Perch & Parrow, launches with an impressive range of classic and contemporary furniture and home accessories. Highlights include a selection of over 100 fabrics which allow you to create a bespoke look with their made-to-order furniture. There’s also a covetable collection of easy updates, from cushions to handmade rugs.

Founder Astrid Limal says “We inspire you to feel confident about how you dress your home… with style guides, decorating tips and advice from interiors insiders. The aim is to inspire with timeless pieces of furniture to make your space unique.”

One of my favourites is this Odyn Desk


Or how about a Butch Sofa Bed?


Subscribe to Perch & Parrow’s online magazine, Le Journal, for interiors trends, ideas, and profiles.

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